I contribute to burnt out mamas seeking resilience while supporting their "struggling" teens & young adults. 

I see you mama. You are not alone

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I'm Tobi... Speech-Language Pathologist, Life Coach, Author and Dream Catcher

I support stressed-out mamas to develop strategies to move from surviving to resilient while handling the challenges of parenting older, struggling kids. 

I’ve successfully transformed my life from a chronically stressed, fibromyalgia-ridden, traumatized mama dealing with cycles of chaos and crisis in my family to being resilientAF with firmer boundaries, tighter relationships, and inner peace.

I'm passionate about supporting other women in reclaiming their own lives while in the throes of parenting teens and young adults.    I geek out to the inner workings of the brain and how it affects getting S%&T done and how that impacts mental health and relationships.    


Here's how we can work together

Infinite Resilience Program 

A program for burnt-out mamas supporting "struggling teens & young adults. Designed to provide clarity and direction on what the f*uck is up with your older kids, develop abundant and deeper connections with yourself and those you love, and create your juiciest life. 

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resilientAF midlife mamas is a private, safe space of women who "get it" as they are all on their own journeys with their older kids.  Stocked with resources and trainings. 

Private 1:1 Sessions

1:1 coaching sessions are designed to gain clarity and map out your personal next steps.  1:1 breakthrough sessions support you in dissolving the barriers or obstacles that stand between you and your goals.  

Infinite Resilience

Are you ready to live your juicier life? 

As a woman raising older "struggling" kids there are three things that tend to screw you up: confusion about what the f*ck is happening with your kids, disconnections with loved ones, your kids, and yourself, and massive burnout that sucks the life out of you.

This 12 week program is a step by step journey to clarity, connection, and juiciness. It's the starting point for your lifetime journey of riding the waves of your life. 


"Loved our sessions.  Feeling resilient and ready to take on the challenges with a fresh perspectives. I recommend all mamas work with you! 


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